Marketing, Classic, Digital und Media Production. With MadeByMates you can combine all of these or only use one of our competencies.

MadeByMates is the primary general company. Even for extensive productions, you always have only one contact person who will handle all project phases, finance them and then hand over the finished media to you in a cost-effective and timely manner. From a catalog to a large surface, from a display to advertising materials. Offline as well as online, and upon request, we will also take care of appropriately networking you communication resources.

With the statement “The internet is a new experience for all of us“, Mrs. Merkel has made a historic statement in June of 2013 and became the subject of many mockeries, ridicule and giggles from those who grow up with social-media and second-screen and therefore have developed and characterized a totally new media behavior. But let’s be honest: Mrs. Merkel wasn’t altogether wrong…which medium size company really knows how to network its classic advertising strategy with new digital channels effectively?  How can you get on the first page at Google? How do I use the Internet for my sales activities? How can I integrate Twitter, Pinterest & Co. in my classic marketing- and advertising activities?

MadeByMates provides answers to these and numerous other questions. With many years of experience in conception and creating classic and digital media, we offer you our extensive know-how for your business communication needs.

MadeByMates – Smart Advertising & Media Production.